Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lesson Learned!

So, I'm trying to lose some weight. I gained more weight than anticipated after I got out of the Army. I was working a job that I liked well enough, but the pay could have been better for compensation for the crazy hours.
Example of my typical work week (just to show you what I was going through):

Monday: noon- about 6pm.

Tuesday: Noon- WHENEVER! (Most of the time 2am Wed. morning, as early as 9 pm and late as 5 am Wed.)

Wednesday: (depending on when I get off Tues.) 8 am or noon- 5:30 pm. But I must be asleep by 7 pm because (See Thursday)

Thursday: 1:30 am- Noon

Friday: any one's guess.

So a mix of stress, depression, and unfortunate reliance junk food, I gained a bit o' weight.

Now that I have a set schedule for once in the last 7 years, I feel I can start a regimen of weight loss pills, that I've used before, but on a random schedule. I'm also taking a drink mix that gives you energy for a good long workout.

Well, today is the second day of the pills. I woke up this morning, took 2 pills, waited 30 minutes before I ate breakfast (as directed) and felt fine. About 4 pm I took the drink powder, went for a mile run or so. At a little before 7 pm I took 2 more pills and I think that is where I went wrong. I shouldn't have taken them this close to the powder. And I waited longer than I should have to eat (took longer to cook fajitas than anticipated). I felt like my world was going to end! So much anxiety! I couldn't stop shaking, or feeling like I should induce vomiting (I didn't because I didn't want to waste the fajitas).

After waiting a little while and laying down flat and drinking some water, I felt much better! I think another reason for it, is because it is suppose to go before breakfast and lunch. Since I woke up late this morning I just waited for lunch and took them for lunch and dinner.

After experiencing what happens when I do this, I come to the conclusion to take it the proper way with an early breakfast and a Noon lunch and using the pre-workout podwer at around 5 pm. This is just a lesson learned that I want pass on to those looking to lose weight. I feel fine now, just incase anyone was wondering.


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